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Very polite quick answering the phone

Amiti ltd
John goodwin

Naomi was helpful and knowledgeable and provided a fast turnaround. Thank you.

Derwent Facilities
Paul Shackleton

Chloe dealt tried sorting my email issues with patience and understanding. Very pleased with the assistance

Terence Cully

Good presentation of services offered, on line to desk-top walkthrough.

Downes Crediton Golf Club
Peter Stunell

Absolute pleasure to deal with as always! Cannot fault the service of this company. Super polite, knowledgeable and always willing to help me with any situation that I have.

Tikiboo Ltd

Clare was very helpful in the expanation of what I was requiring

AC Fleming Electrical Ltd
Andrew Fleming

really friendly and useful to know information which can be available to us to use

kjones electrical
sue pettersen

Quick, hassle free efficient service. Took the stress away.

MP Environmental
Michelle Pope

UNREAL. I am SO happy with the support I have received from Dan, not really into providing feedback but Dan is a credit to your company. Wasn't sure on the system and felt like I was annoying with hs direct however Dan has given me peace of mind and assurance. He was patient whilst demonstrating a walk through midway through looking after my winging baby. He was helpful polite, relatable and just a brilliant person to have working for you Thanks Dan, appreciate your hard work

LD Roofing Services LTD

Roger is really helpful and patient with us as we've been so busy lately to get our CHAS etc sorted, a bit of gentle persuasion and help along the way is getting us through the process :-)

Foxwood Electric Co Ltd
Glyn Newbould

Most helpful and informative with relevant information. Excellent presentation and easy to follow and understand. Very impressed.

Camborne Community Church
Mr Robert McFarland

Very helpful in a friendly manner


Mathew Brierley has been brilliant - We are now in a position to submit all information to Constructionline Gold - Thank you for your patience.

Atlas Electrical UK Ltd
Jackie Henrick

A very helpful colleague made the effort to talk me through everything about your products. Was not pushy or invasive which is a breath of fresh air - makes you more comfortable to buy from you than someone else who is pushy!

sunshine Recruitment Agency Ltd.
Luke Chandler

Very helpful, made to feel at ease, helped and directed through all

Ben Strinati

Extremely happy with the service received and the speedy turnaround following our request for support on the subject matter requested.

K4S Security Ltd
Ian Brittain

service is excellent as always

Thomas Riddell Builders
Keith Riddell

Customer service was excellent. Individual I spoke to was knowledgeable and able to answer all my queries.

Silverback Movements Limited
Mr Simus Turay

The sales person was knowledgeable and able to answer me queries.

Simus Turay

your service was excellent and very prompt as requested . Many thanks to all who assisted.

gerard fee

The person (Clare Pearson) I had a conversation with did explain me everything clearly and simply. Did ask her so many questions etc and she explained all each time. Really nice person to talk to. Thank you.

Diamond Construction Ltd

Sarah-Jane is very approachable and friendly. The system appears to be user friendly and adaptable to specific company needs.

Fixright Scaffolding Ltd
Marianne Adams

Daniel Moore & Amelia Cockayne have helped me through this process of contracts step by step and they have always replied to any queries straight away. If I have had difficulty in not understanding anything they have always been patient and helped me through any situation . Thank you to both of you .

Joanne Nash

Very informative and very clear what it's about. Frankie makes you fell relaxed as if you was talking to a good friend that tells you how it is .

Robert Stevens joinery services ltd
Robert Stevens

great but cant commit at the minute


Was provided with the information I asked for, by a very pleasant Daniel Moore - cant do better than that.

SJ Stanberry & Sons Ltd
Michelle Rhodes

I don't have Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word, what should I do?

If you don't have Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Word installed on your PC or Mac, don't worry - you can still use our products. You can get a free alternative from Open Office.

Open Office Org is open-source developed alternative to Microsoft Office, developed by a large software company called Oracle. Open Source means the company who build the software, allow 100% use of it, 100% free.

Since Open Office is specifically developed to be exactly the same as Microsoft Office, with all the same programs in the suite (Eg: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point) - it will freely open any Microsoft Office file-format. Meaning, just because a document was written in Microsoft Word, doesn't mean it can't be opened in another program. Open Office will do that, and vise versa.

To download and install Open Office;

  1. Go to www.openoffice.org.
  2. On the left hand side, click 'I want to download Open Office'. In the green box, click the main link which starts with 'Start downloading OpenOffice.org...'
    • Windows Only:When the program has downloaded, click Install and wait for the program to install.
    • MAC OSX Only:When the program has downloaded, a notification box will pop up with an arrow from the Open Office Icon to the Applications Folder in Finder, drag the icon to the Applications folder to install the program.
  3. You are now ready to use Open Office, and the documents you have purchased from us.